Who we are

The ad agency for brands on the move

Based in Dubai, bringing global standards to the services we provide, Rush is a full service advertising agency. From strategic planning to media buying and creative execution, the steps we use to provide meaningful solutions to our clients are as holistic as they are diverse.

As a branding agency in Dubai, we deliver communication strategies that cater to multiple cultures and ethnicities. To this end, a host of talents-  both seasoned professionals and young go -getters work across disciplines in Rush. Be it creative design or content writing or brand strategy, all the professionals share a common trait- to get results for our clients.

The Rushian philosophy

A heightened speed of communication is the hallmark of the present era.

For brands, this opens accessibility to the customers. However, this scenario doesn’t always translate as success for brands.

The reason is simple: If you couldn’t match the communication to the channel of the customer’s preference, and also if your message isn’t on the customer’s wavelength, all the speed of communication in the world wouldn’t help you.

Rush believes in the simple philosophy of keeping up with the pace of modern communication while not sacrificing the basics- including how meaningful the message is and its timeliness.

To this end, both brand strategists and creative professionals work together to make sure that we are not just another adverting agency in Dubai!

We keep it simple

At Rush, we understand the power of simplicity.

At the same time, we also acknowledge there is significant difference between a simple yet powerful communication and a simplistic one. The former could prove the break-through for a brand while the latter may spell its doom.

The ideology of simplicity then comes with responsibility. And we take up the responsibility by focusing strongly on the client’s business objective. This objective forms the basis for communication strategy, creative choices and finding the right channels to disperse the brand message.

Whereas a typical creative agency in Dubai or elsewhere limits itself to making good-looking ads, we always strive for crafting communication that’s good, simple and effective.