Digital analytics & Data management

To create an effective digital brand strategy, understanding the audience’s aspirations and pain points are essential. Thankfully, data analytics make this easier in the modern world.

This involves not just drawing obvious solutions from a random set of data, but identifying data that’s relevant to you and methodically investigating the mindset of the audience based on what it reveals. This helps you not just tailor your brand communication accordingly, in some cases it could also help improve your core service or product offering.

In other words, you fail to leverage the power of digital analytics and data management at your own peril.

Rush provides the following services to help you stay ahead of the curve:

Providing insights on your website and social media channel’s activity, based on:

–Visitor numbers



–Frequency of interaction with your digital content (web page, fan page)

  • Providing reports on website and social media traffic patterns and trends. This helps devise strategies to effectively target your audience using campaigns, paid ads, website content and the like.
  • Providing periodic recommendations to help refine your communication strategy.
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