Media planning and buying

To say that the contemporary media landscape is exciting would be an understatement. Not only is the volume of media consumption unparalleled at this point in history, the choice of media channels is also incredibly wide for the customer.

This offers obvious opportunities and unique challenges for brands. For one thing this makes media planning and media buying far more analytical than it ever was.

The age old strategy of a ‘blanket buy’ by which you buy media time across channels which you think are right for the target audience based on assumptions simply doesn’t work anymore. Instead, you should take into consideration such things as data analytics, while combining them with intuition regarding a good media buy.

On this front, Rush provides certain advantages over other branding agencies or digital marketing agencies.

26 years of expertise

Rush brings to its clients the experience of having worked in the media arena for more than 26 years. This not only helps us get you the best media rates both online and offline, it also gives us experience-backed insights into the most relevant media to reach your customers.

Well placed with marketing agencies

Serving clients from different sectors, Rush works with an array of marketing agencies that white label our media planning and buying resources to supplement their own services. The media channels we bring to you include the following:

  • Television
  • Press
  • Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Digital
  • Programmatic
  • SEO
  • Paid Search
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