At Rush, we understand the power of simplicity.

The marketing challenge – what we love

Problems exist for solutions to be uncovered. This universal philosophy is at the heart of our operations.

Whether it be in media buying or media planning, social media management or influencer marketing, PR services or videography services, challenges and stumbling blocks are a natural part of all endeavors.

But what makes this scenario exciting for us is the aforementioned prospect of discovering an ideal solution at the service of a brand. This leads us down pathways of disruptive thinking and creative innovations that help brands engage their customers to create memorable experiences.


Though the practice of advertising could be traced to more than a century back in time, it is still an evolving discipline. In fact, it’s safe to say that the rate of its evolution is more now than ever before, fueled by incredible brand competition in the market and enhanced customer aspirations.

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Media planning and buying

To say that the contemporary media landscape is exciting would be an understatement. Not only is the volume of media consumption unparalleled at this point in history, the choice of media channels is also incredibly wide for the customer.

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Corporate identity

Though the ideology of ‘brand persona’ is entrenched in the branding world, rarely is its possibilities truly explored. So much so that it’s often hard to find any substantial difference between multiple brands in the market.

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Website development

For a brand, a website is more than just a digital utility. It’s a platform owned by the brand which could tell the brand story. Indeed, many a time, your website could be the first point of contact for a customer- the space where he or she takes the first step in a relationship with the brand.

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Social media management

It would be redundant to speak about the power of social media in the current world. This is true both in terms of businesses and wider society.
To help you leverage the power of social media, Rush employs experts who help manage your brand’s presence across channels including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Influencer marketing

In a world obsessed with personalities in the limelight, it’s no wonder that influencer marketing is much used by brands. From identifying the influencer with the right personality for your brand to creating relevant messages and weaving a brand story around that personality, Rush brings a holistic approach to influencer marketing.

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Digital PR and Brand management

Digital marketing agencies are plentiful. But the idea of effectively responding to daily events in the wider world which the brand could capitalize on is sadly missing in the digital PR arena.

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Digital analytics & Data management

To create an effective digital brand strategy, understanding the audience’s aspirations and pain points are essential. Thankfully, data analytics make this easier in the modern world.

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Apps are the buzzword for a population hooked on smart phones. And as consumers perform tasks and do business on the move every day, for a brand, creating an app is often more an imperative than a choice.

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Though a plethora of new technology and media devices has come on stage in the recent past, we are still fascinated by the simple magic of the moving picture. And the power of film to tell a story hasn’t diminished. Maybe, it has even increased manifold.

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Who would have thought that good ol’ radio would be such a strong presence in the age of the internet? Well, probably no one. But the fact is that radio is proliferating and listeners are benefiting from it. So could brands.

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Corporate gifts & premium giveaways

We are committed to providing the most cost-effective & result-oriented products to suit every single need of your company. Gifts are a honourable gesture & speak the language of gratitude, reward & remembrance.

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